Yu An Xie

Yu An Xie is an illustrator and picture book maker from Taiwan. She graduated from the Children’s Book Illustration MA at Cambridge School of Art in 2024 where she was awarded Runner-up for the Batsford Prize for Illustration and Highly Commended for the Macmillan Prize for Illustration. She also has backgrounds in fashion design and mural painting. 

These experiences gave her good control over various traditional techniques. She loves mixing media to create images filled with details and hand-made textures. Colored pencil, soft pastel, watercolor, gouache, and acrylic are most commonly used in her works.

Her inspiration usually comes from love, culture, travel experiences, and her curiosity about the world. Her passion for sketching body movements and expressions helps her create strong and humorous characters in picture books.

When not at work, she enjoys sketching in cafes and roaming around antique shops, flea markets, and vintage bookshops.

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