Meryl Davis

Together with her longtime partner, Charlie White, Meryl Davis is a three time Olympic medalist, two time world champion and six time United States champion in the sport of ice dance. After winning gold in the 2014 Games, Meryl went on to win the 18th season of ABC’s hit television show, Dancing With the Stars. She is also The Women’s Sports Foundation’s 2014 Sportswoman of the Year. Between 2014 and 2020, Meryl toured the world as a professional figure skater while earning her bachelor’s degree in anthropology from the University of Michigan. Today, Meryl lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their miniature sheepadoodle, Bilbo. When she’s not focused on coursework for her graduate degree in literature and creative writing through the Harvard Extension School, Meryl can usually be found reading on the front porch, shopping at the local farmers market, or throwing a ball for Bilbo at their favorite beach.

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