Mary E. Cronin

Mary E. Cronin’s poetry for young readers has been published in numerous anthologies, including Amazing Faces, Chasing Clouds, What is Hope? and Things We Do. In addition, you can read her poems for children in the online journals Tyger, Tyger and The Dirigible Balloon. Mary’s poetry for adults has been featured in Radical Teacher, Rise Up Review, Provincetown Magazine, and The New York Times. Mary’s picture book biography of  PFLAG founder Jeanne Manford, Like a Mother Bear, will be published by Atheneum/Simon & Schuster in 2027.

Mary became a reader and writer in the Bronx, NY; she now lives with her wife and small dog in Massachusetts. Her writing passions include poetry, queer history, city kids, and stories about unsung heroes. She is a member of NCTE’s This Story Matters Teacher Corps, a group of educators responding to book challenges and bans. A Literacy Coach in a K-3 elementary school on Cape Cod, Mary is a dedicated 5 a.m. writer; that’s when the Irish tea and the words flow.

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